SIGN WARS Heating up in the Sault to support local business. - Algoma Marketplace

SIGN WARS Heating up in the Sault to support local business.

The Sault Has A Sign War Going On Between Many Businesses And It’s Entertaining The Locals

A war is heating up among businesses in Sault Ste Marie inspired by posts surfacing from businesses in Christiansburg, Va.


For the past week and a half, businesses in the town of Christiansburg, Va. have engaged in a friendly “sign war,” poking light-hearted fun at each other through puns.


“We’re seeing multiple signs popping up all over town and on social media,” says Giovanni’s Restaurant after posting its first sign directed at a partner restaurant next door.  “We saw this fun trend growing across the USA and Canada over the last few days and thought it would be fun to join in and bring laughs to the community during the lockdown.”


Here we have a recap of the cheeky puns dished out today around the Soo.


If you see any other sign wars signs around the Sault and area please send it to [email protected]

Soon after the original post by Giovanni’s Restaurant, Fratelli’s Kitchen responded with “Challenge accepted Giovanni’s Restaurant, Soo Mill You ready?
It’s north facing sign reads, “Hey Soo Mill Buildall We need a bigger kitchen! Will trade Pizza for Lumber! 

This post has reached 30,000 views and counting at the time of this post. 
The Brickspace challenged Fratelli’s by posting “We don’t have a sign because we havent moved into our storefront yet but wanted to get in on the action, please enjoy.”

More new signs will be added as they come in… 

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