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Twenty Steps to Getting Your Business Ready to Export

Advice from executives who have profited from world markets
1. Make a long-term commitment to exporting.
2. Develop an export marketing plan.

3. Produce the right product for the market.

4. Pay close attention to your export strategy, including product positioning and pricing.

5. Be prepared to offer credit terms to customers.

6. Give careful attention to the selection of your partner, agent or distributor.

7. Nurture your relationship with your agent or distributor.

8. Support your export marketing with multi-lingual promotional and technical materials.

9. Hire personnel who speak the languages of your foreign markets and who know those markets.

10. Provide ongoing export and international marketing training for staff.

11. Develop strong in-house support for international marketing.

12. Go out and meet your customers. Send senior company officers to a foreign markets from time to time after a contract has been won.

13. Exhibit at trade shows or speak at international conferences. Take full advantage of Ontario and Canadian government missions to trade shows in your target markets.
14. Learn the local culture and business customs.

15. Consider using Canadian trading houses or experienced Canadian partners to develop the more distant and challenging markets.

16. Honour your contracts with foreign customers.
17. Be aware of potential hazards and manage your export risks.

18. Be prepared to change strategy to suit changing market conditions.

19. Make a commitment to ongoing research and development.

20. Be prepared to respond quickly to changes in technology.

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