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Canada’s second National Takeout Day, April 15

Get ready Sault Ste. Marie Restaurants! 

On April 15th, 2020, Canada Takeout introduced the first National Takeout Day in support of Canada’s restaurant industry. And since then, #TakeoutDay has evolved into a national weekly food holiday, every Wednesday, with (CTO’s vanity hashtag) reaching over 52.9 million people, with over 160 million impressions.

Today, Canada Takeout’s (CTO) mission has been to promote restaurants and their takeout offerings, to get Canadians to embrace eating from their favourite local restaurants, while it remains impossible to eat at those places. More than 14,000 restaurants from across Canada are spotlighted on the Takeout Map, making Canada Takeout a top digital platform for consumers and operators to find takeout options, industry news, takeout inspiration, offers, and more.


The foodservice industry continues to be challenged by the pandemic, with many restaurants still closed for indoor and outdoor dining across the nation. National Takeout Day is an opportunity for Canadians to unite in celebrating and supporting local restaurants by ordering takeout. To mark National Takeout Day’s first anniversary, CTO is challenging Canadians to set a national record for the most takeout ordered in one day.

On Thursday, April 15th, diners can order takeout and upload their takeout receipts to the Takeout Tracker form at, to be included in the tally.

For foodservice operators to get in on this program, they need to ensure their receipt printing systems are setup to label “Takeout”, so their receipts can be verified and counted, when customers upload them to the Takeout Tracker form.


Canadians can spread the word by sharing the complimentary Takeout Challenge creative assets on their social feeds, to help set a national takeout record. Creative assets are available at for download.


For more information on Canada Takeout and National Takeout Day, visit

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